Goodwood Bakeshop FAQ

Who are you?2023-03-31T10:07:22+10:00

The Goodwood Bakeshop is a community bakery creating delicious baked goods using seasonal ingredients and traditional methods.

Do you have coffee?2023-03-31T10:10:19+10:00

Yes, we have a trained baristaonsite making delicious coffee every day

What are your opening times?2023-03-31T10:08:09+10:00

We are opne Thursday to Sunday from 7am till 2pm. Sometimes we do sell out so may close early. Make sure you get in quick.

Why do you sell out?2023-03-31T10:08:34+10:00

We try to ensure we make enough of everything to last the day, but sometimes it can be hard to judge.

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